Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Big Texas Howdy!

This is SMORE TX signing in for the first time! We’re very excited to be a part of this interesting project!  Since we live on the Gulf coast of Texas, we know how important the marine environment is to us. Although, we’re an hour north of the coastline, it’s still close enough for us to get there easily.

Seven major rivers empty into the Gulf of Mexico from Texas alone. Their watersheds cover hundreds of miles of across the state and have a direct impact on the estuaries and the ocean. Last year as 7th graders we did fieldwork on the freshwater systems that run behind our school down to Galveston Bay.

We have lots of questions about what we’ll find in the waterways this year when we pick up the trail farther south and into the Gulf waters. Our plan is to study the Lower Trinity River where it meets the bay and Gulf. However, the extreme drought conditions in Texas have dropped water levels in the rivers to record lows. Who knows what we’ll find!!

Our 8th grade class is small this year, but BIG in ideas J - and we’re really excited about working on the SMORE project with new friends in Alaska and Georgia and with researchers Dr. Tish Yager and Dr. Marc Frischer.

We’ll talk more about our sampling sites in the next blog. For now, hope you’re enjoying cooler weather than we are!!


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