Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fall Sampling a Success!

Oct 15

The 2012 SMORE Team hit the road early on the 28th of September to conduct the first sampling of the season.  Students had practiced their individual tests over several class times in preparation. There were a variety of tests and techniques used for assessing the water quality. 

 Besides the chemical testing, students made visual observations of the 3 sites. This provided great information that they used later for analyzing their data.

                                                           Surveying the environment
Learning scientific procedures alongside science content gives the students the opportunity to make real-life applications to their learning.

The sites we sampled were the same as last year – important for monitoring change. Last year, Texas was in a historic drought. This year, we’ve had more rain. The question posed was “how will this change what we find?”
                                                                      Soil testing
SMORE Georgia and SMORE Alaska also conducted their sampling this past month. We’ re in the process of exchanging data to compare this year’s sampling. Students will also compare their data to last year’s. 
High Island, Bolivar Peninsula

Dr. Tish Yager (University of Georgia), our mentor scientist and partner in SMORE, joined us in a teleconference this past week. This first call was a get-to-know-you. We tried hard to get the Georgia classroom connected with us, but technology failed us. We hope to schedule another call with both Georgia and Alaska students.

 Dr. Tish Yager

Like last year, we plan to sample again in the winter (Jan-Feb) and spring (Apr-May). In between, we hope to produce some new podcasts and videos about our work, and share any ocean science news.  So check back periodically to follow our progress! 

For now, follow the link below to see a short Vimeo video about our first sampling put together by a SMORE parent!

 Even parents are put to work!!