Monday, November 7, 2011

A S'more Celebration

With the fall sampling behind us, the students got to work on putting the data together to compare  of the coastal areas in the study. Using information that Alaska and Georgia sent us, we organized a spreadsheet of our measurements and observations.
Organizing the data

We also had a really early SKYPE call with Georgia that only a few of us were able to get to. (Not because we couldn't get up, but because we had a lot of sickness the last few weeks!) Students led the call with questions concerning the results. ( See a video clip of the call on the Videos & More Page below!)

It was really neat talking to them. We had talked with Alaska a couple of weeks before that.
We found a lot of ways to improve some of the mistakes we made this first time. In January we'll do it again!

Right now SMORE Texas is working on making some podcasts. Maybe in the next week or so we can post our first one!

We celebrated the end of the first fieldwork with a S'more party!!! In fact, we also sent Alaska and Georgia all the supplies they needed to  make them too. We're wondering if they have made them?
Is it hot enough yet?

Principal Mrs. LeBlanc shows us the art of s'more making :)

We all had a good time eating!
Silly s'more smiles